Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About Us

This blog was started as a way to document our day-to-day lives and to share pictures and memories with family and friends. It has evolved into much more than that- it's my outlet, my free therapy, my ministry, and my passion. God has given me a desire to speak truth into lives- particularly the lives of women. I definitely don't have it all figured out, but am learning as I go and sharing with you what He is teaching me. May you read and be blessed!

Our family consists of:

My husband, Marcus. We were married in 2005. He is my best friend and absolutely God-designed specifically for me!

Our daughter, Karsyn, who just turned 4. She is strong-willed and full of life.

Our son, Mack, who turned two in May. He is a sweet boy who loves balls, playing outside, and messing with his sister's toys!

Our dog, Josie, who is a six year old miniature schnauzer.

And me, a  thirty year old woman trying to live life well and in a way that honors God!

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