Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mack begins Therapy

Today was Mack's first physical therapy session for his condition of Torticollis. This basically just means that one side of his neck has muscles that are extremely tight. This has limited his range of motion, causes his head to flop to one side, and has led to slight plagiocephaly (flat spots on the head). The doctor and physical therapists say that he will be able to work through this and will have no lasting effects once we are able to fix the initial problem. We will be going for therapy once a week for up to a year until he is able to have full range of motion, support his head without it resting to the side, and the head shape evens out.

We had an appointment first thing and we also had to drop off Marcus at work, so we got quite an early start. This ended up being NOT such a good idea because Karsyn was an ill hornet from start to finish! I thought I'd post some pictures from his first session so you can see how he is progressing. 

This is one of his two therapists, Crystal. She is so good with him!

Here she is performing one of his exercises- this one stretches the side of his neck that has trouble with range of motion.
Tummy time is a big part of his therapy and helps to strengthen his neck muscles.
Here is Crystal stretching it again. As you can imagine, he doesn't like this part very much.   

The room we do our therapy in has a lot of fun things to play with. As you can see in Karsyn's hand is the Rice Krispy treat I had given her to try to keep her quiet and cooperative...too bad it didn't work!

If any of you ever have to take your child for phyiscal therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy, the Children's Neurotherapy Center in Hickory is great! Please keep sweet little Mack in your prayers that he will recover and get back to normal quickly!

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  1. Therapy is looking great! Can't wait to see the progress. I think blogging about it will be good because people who aren't with him daily will see improvemnt in a way you can't. Us readers can encourage you in that :)
    and hey at least Karsyn is CUTE with those piggy tails


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