Thursday, August 26, 2010

So I've been back and forth as to how to begin this first entry. It's kind of like when I buy a new notebook or journal, I carefully write each word on the first page being sure that it looks "nice". By the time I get to the second and subsequent pages, there is no sort of order whatsoever, but I always want the first page to be perfect. So it is with my blog...My intentions right now are to start a blog to keep photos of my kids for family and friends, videos, coupon ideas for really great deals that average people can do, and reflections on where I am in my walk with Christ and what He is revealing to me. With that said, here goes nothing...

Yesterday was the first day of school. I had lots of mixed feelings about this. I was a teacher for five years before having Karsyn, and then worked last year as a school counselor. I left my job when I had Mack and took a 15 month leave of absence. I am so very grateful for the opportunity I have to get to spend this first year of Mack's life at home and to be here with Karsyn as she works her way through the "terrible twos" . Before we made the decision for me to take this time off, we prayed and sought God's will and I fully believe that this was what He intended for us. However, there is also this part of me that misses getting to be at school. I love the first day of school, especially now that I am a counselor. I love helping scared students find their classrooms, helping rearrange schedules so that the kids are in classes that they like, working with parents as they drop off their child for the first day of middle school, and getting to work closely with teachers on how to help a child to be successful. It is a day full of chaos, but I love it. Not being there yesterday was strange to say the least.

I posted on my Facebook page about the difficulty I was having not being there on the first day and received support from several sweet ladies. My Aunt Joy reminded me that I have two students of my own that count on me every day and that motherhood is the most important job I can fill right now. I agree with this wholeheartedly and want more than anything to be a good mother, a godly mother, who shows my children who Christ is through my actions and words each day. What a responsibility! What a completely overwhelming task! It is definitely the hardest job I have ever attempted. I plan to post more on this in the coming days and weeks, but for now, here is a video of my 'students'. Hope you enjoy! If you are reading, please leave a comment so I'll know I'm not just talking to myself!

 Here is Mack at 16 weeks, who has recently discovered that he can use his hands!

And here's one of our sweet girl, Karsyn while playing with her flashcards.


  1. yay! I can't believe I figured out how to follow a blog!!! I am looking forward to reading your stuff! You are an amazing friend and I learn so much from you daily!!! You make me want to be better at everything!!!

  2. You are so right: Our classroom sizes are just much smaller than before, but they are students none the less! Welcome to the world of teaching at home!

  3. You are a wonderful mother with precious children. I will enjoy every single word that you write along with every video and every picture. I'm excited to get to keep up with you when we're not at church. I already love your writing style. I can hear your voice!

  4. Kara - such a great blog! You're an inspiration to me.

  5. I think this will be a very real and inspiring blog about how hard it truly is to raise children to not only be smart and kind but also patient, giving and loving! As a mother I know how hard it is to teach not only with what you say but also what you do. I'll stay tuned.


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