Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An easy coupon deal

For those of you who want to learn to coupon, but aren't sure where to start...Try this deal and you'll be hooked. It's so easy!

1. Go to and register yourself for an account. Once you do, you can click at the top where it says coupons and promotions. This will give you a place to click to print a coupon for $2.00 off of the purchase of ANY 5 Mueller's items. 

2.  Starting today at Bi-Lo and lasting through 9/14, select Mueller's pasta is on sale for the Buy One Get One price of .79 cents. (That means each one is only .39 cents since you get one free. .79 divided by 2 rounds up to .39 cents each)

3. Purchase 5 of the Mueller's pastas that are .39 cents each. Your total will be $1.95, which means all 5 boxes are free! You'll need to purchase a little something else (gum, etc.) so that the deal will go through with cashier's computer. 

Here's the great part- the Mueller's website will let you print as many of these coupons as you want. That means you could do this deal every day for the next week if you wanted to and keep getting free pasta.

How easy was that?!?!
I went tonight and got FIFTEEN boxes for completely free! (I also bought wipes so the total I paid was .96 cents for everything!)

If you are completely new to couponing, a good way to get started:
-Purchase at least two copies of the Charlotte Observer every Sunday (on holidays there are usually not coupons) so that you can build up your coupon stash!
-Start looking around on the website and  
-While at, sign up for the Couponing 101 class on October 23. Katie will be teaching everyone how to really use coupons to get things for dirt cheap or free. There will be a guest speaker and lots of fun activities. You do NOT want to miss this event!

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