Thursday, September 2, 2010


I love Facebook. I'm a little bit addicted. Marcus is constantly frustrated that when we're in the car heading somewhere and he's driving I always get out my phone and pull up facebook to see what my friends are doing. I'm constantly amazed by the speed at which you can get a message sent to people through this social networking site and at times, this has been a lifesaver!

Most of us use facebook to share pictures, reconnect with old friends, send messages, get ideas and share stories with those that have similar interests, etc. What I'd like to challenge you to begin doing is to use your Facebook as a witnessing tool. This all came about last night when one of my friends posted a status that said, "What is the key to true happiness?". Many people responded, most with jokes and comments such as "chocolate!", "being at peace with yourself", or "sleep". What an opportunity this was for people to speak truth in love to her! I wrote her and told her that Christ is the key, that He is the only thing eternal and lasting.  Would it have been more fun or more socially acceptable to respond with a comment like "ice cream"? Sure! Is that what God would want? Probably not...I know we can do more than simply blend in like the rest of the world. Time is short!

We are presented with multiple opportunities each day to make Jesus famous through our words and actions. However, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are giving us additional opportunities that we (myself included) aren't taking advantage of. It's time that we are salt and light to those around us without fear of condemnation...whether this be face-to-face in walmart or while posting status updates on Facebook.

Have a great day! Love y'all!


  1. Hey Kara!
    I think you are right - we need to use these sites for the good of the Lord as opposed to what they are often misused for...
    You have a beautiful family and your love for God shines through.
    Say hi to Kaley and the family for me -
    Keep smiling... and spreading God's word!

  2. Hey Kara, I am guilty as well and am addicted to my facebook on my phone! And thank you for the challenge!

  3. Thank you for that reminder that we can use all avenues to witness to others.


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