Sunday, September 19, 2010

Parenting Wisdom

Tonight we had an incident with Karsyn and a water fountain at church. I won't include the details but let's just say by the time it was over she was soaked completely and I was dragging her to the car under one arm while she kicked, screamed, and yelled "you're hurting me!" at the top of her lungs... The absurdity of the situation made me start laughing, though, and so as she's completely losing it in front of most of the church folks, I could not get control of myself. I was laughing as loud as she was crying.

After we got in the car and got her calmed down, she kept saying, "Mommy, hold my hand". I held her hand and talked with her about what she had done wrong and why she should apologize. She did and we talked about Jesus and how He wants us to listen to our Mommy and that He wants us to have a happy heart. I talked about how she should react in the future, breaking it down into small steps. I even made up a song that Marcus and I were singing to her to help her the next time we get into a similar situation...I mean, this was good parenting at it's finest, right?! After wrapping up the whole spiel, we waited to hear her response.  She said, "Mommy, I've got a boogie" and then stuck her finger right up her nose. We laughed til we almost cried.

Sometimes the things we are trying to teach sink in and make a difference and sometimes not. I'm hoping that somewhere all these little lessons are being stored away for a time when she's ready to use them. Until then, we'll keep trying and enjoying the little moments in between.

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