Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I read a blog that features a "momfession" each week. I thought it was a fun idea and have one to offer up of my own...

Sometimes I vacuum just because I know Karsyn will run to her room afraid and I will  get five minutes of peace. On the really hard days, I vacuum more than once!

Any of you have momfessions you want to share?!


  1. BAHAHAHAHA!!! I used to let Katelyn play in the bathtub for an extra 30 minutes when she was younger. It was kinda like a pack n play. she couldn't get out and I could sneak away and get something done. This was of course when she was old enough to not worry about her in the water. I miss those days.

  2. Thanks for momfessing! You should come to http://momfessions.net and link up your post so others can find your blog!

    Hope you can play again next week!

  3. I hide in the bathroom. They think I am taking forever but I am actually just sitting in the bathtub reading a book. Is that wrong? :)


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