Saturday, January 8, 2011

You are LOVED!

 I got to spend some time today talking with an old friend after not really "talking" for a long while. You know what I mean, right? We talk regularly through facebook or texts, but we don't really TALK and share what is on our hearts. Well, today (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this!) she began sharing that she was struggling with something we all do or have in the past...discontentment and loneliness.

You see, my friend is a smart, funny, beautiful, talented person. She is a joy to those around her and an inspiration to many by the way that she lives her life with determination and strength. She has literally won state titles in athletics,  achieved prestigious professional awards, served as the leader in countless committees and organizations for her occupation as well as her church. She is bi-lingual, she got a full scholarship to college, has traveled many places around the world, is a talented vocalist, she's an amazing coach and athlete...the list could go on and on. But lately, she's been attacked by the Devil and made to feel that she wasn't enough...that something was 'wrong' with her that she hasn't followed the same life path that she planned on...that she was a failure. Friends- hear me on this...The Devil wants nothing more than to make you feel defeated and to make you feel like you don't matter. My friend felt like she was completely alone and that no one cared about her. She had been blinded to all the things about her that are beautiful and wonderful by the lies that Satan has been telling her.

We tried to tell her that she is loved and she is beautiful and she is valued to not only us, but many others. That she is worthwhile and talented and smart and funny. I am hoping that she is reading this and I want to tell her also- not only do we think these things about her, but much more so...God thinks them about her! He has designed her to be exactly as she is. He delights in her beauty and treasures her sweet spirit. He is fashioning a plan that is so beautiful and wonderful that will be revealed one day in the future, even though things look dark right now.

Things come along in life that can make us feel discontent. For me, sometimes this happens when I spend too much time on Facebook- reading how wonderful everyone is doing. Here's another thing we all need to realize...NO ONE has it all together. Even if it appears that way on facebook. Deep down we are all struggling with things and hurting in one way or another. We all question at some point why things are turning out the way that they are, and why life is nothing like we imagined it to be. We question our worth and our value and struggle to find where we fit.

The next time any of you feel this way, call a friend that can speak truth to you to combat whatever filth the Devil has told you. Let them remind you how valuable you are, how important you are, how loved you are. Friends, you were all put here for a purpose and a plan and God is working in your life even now...Even when we don't understand that plan and question why we aren't the same as those around us.

Refuse to buy into the feelings the Devil sends of discontent and being critical of yourself. He can work his way into your mind and develop a stronghold there if you aren't on guard. Surround yourself with those that can build you up and hold you up when you want to fall apart. Believe that even though we can't see it or understand it, God is working all things for your good and His glory if you are one of His children.

My hope for my friend, as well as for myself (and any of you that might read), is that your relationship with Christ will be first. That you will love Him so much that there is no room for self doubt or fears because you are know how much HE values you. That He will be your forever love, regardless of those that are in your life. You were bought for a price- you are a child of the King!

If any of you reading are feeling lonely, or like you aren't 'okay' just as you are, please email me or call. I want to remind you that you ARE okay, you are accepted, and you are loved!


  1. beautifully said Kara!! thank you for all you share .... your relationship with the Lord is a wonderful blessing for all of us that tune into your blogs. He is using you in a powerful way <3

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Kara, and soooo true! Thank yo for sharing! You are a wonderful writer and I'm glad that you wrote this today!

  3. Wonderfully written! You have a gift for writing. Love ya!

  4. i stumbled upon your blog tonight and read this one. thank you, i needed to hear that.


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