Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My "happy" drawer

When I first started teaching, a friend told me to start holding on to the positive pieces of paper that came across my desk. Sweet notes from students, emails from parents who appreciated what I was doing with their child, Christmas cards from my Cheerleaders, positive feedback from my Principal- anything that spoke of my worth and value. She said to keep them all together in a file folder so that when I had a hard day I could pull them out, and remind myself why I was a teacher in the first place.  I did as she suggested and was refreshed and renewed many times through looking back over these items.

This folder has now been tucked away and is a treasured item, but I have started another version. I have a 'happy drawer'. In it I place sweet cards from friends, photos of special people or occasions, mementos of goals that I have set and achieved,etc....Basically, it's a compilation of reminders of the people, events, and memories that make me happy.

When I've had a difficult day, I can pull out the items in my 'happy drawer' and be renewed. I am reminded of those that I love and that love me. I see pictures of relatives who lived lives that I want to emulate. I am able to hold tangible evidence that I have achieved goals that have been important to me. I am able to read sweet messages that were written to me by people that know me for who I really am, and still love me.

What about you? Do you have a 'happy' drawer? or file? or box? If not, I encourage you to start one! You are loved by many and it's so helpful to collect evidence of that to pull out on days when you begin to doubt it. Here are a few pictures of some of the items I keep in my 'happy' drawer...

Sweet letters from my husband

Cards from friends and family. See the picture drawn on the card on the right? That was from my Popow. He gave me that card last year for my Birthday. It was the last Birthday I will get to spend with him here.  The card on the left was from a group of women at my church. They came over as a surprise after Mack was born and cleaned my entire house from top to bottom. They did laundry, baked cookies, brought flowers and left this sweet card. Honestly it was the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. I still tear up thinking about it!

Just a few of the pictures in my drawer. The one on the left is the 5 year old that we sponsor in Africa through WorldVision. He was born on the day Marcus and I were married and his name starts with a K (just like the 13 members of my family!).

My ID badge from Graduate school which I completed in December of 2009. My medal and two pics from the half marathon I trained for and completed in June 08 at Karsyn's 1st birthday. Goals that were set and achieved (with God's help!) that help remind me that I am capable and can do things that I set my mind to.

If you don't have anything to start your 'happy' file with let me know. I'd be thrilled to write you an email or letter that you can put in yours and serve as your starting place.

Thank you to all who read my blog and for the encouraging notes you send. I am so happy when I hear that it has touched you or blessed you. I love each of you!

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  1. I had a "happy box" as a teacher and highly recommend it! And now that I'm a Mom, I find that I stick such momentos and photos in my nightstand drawers to look back on often:)


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