Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Karsynisms

Just a few things I overheard Karsyn say today...

"I have three pets Mommy. My dog Josie, my fish Beaufort, and my brother Mack".

"Sometimes my nose is sniffly...just like a doggy's!"

"Beans make me happy".

"I tried not to cry mommy, but my face wouldn't listen to me. It needs a time-out".

Karsyn talking to her baby doll: "Now you sit right there and don't move. Don't talk. Don't wiggle. And have a happy heart or I'm gonna get my spanky spoon!" (oops)

"I wanted to go to night-night, Mommy, but my pillow was tickling my head".

"I heard a loud noise. It was the coyote. I just told him 'ssshhhh, coyote, Jesus said go to sleep!"

Karsyn can drive me absolutely to the point of losing it sometimes, but she also makes me smile and laugh every day. What a funny little girl she is!

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