Thursday, May 19, 2011

We're home!

We're home from Mack's procedure and things went well. The doctor said they were able to drain out a lot of fluid and he assured me that everything went well. Mack did great up until they took him back for surgery, and had charmed all the nurses almost as soon as we got there. He was so happy and playful- this was such a blessing! After the surgery he was quite disoriented and groggy, but they have told us that this is normal. We're home now and I'm trying to get him to take a nap so he can 'reset' and feel back to himself. We are really hoping that this procedure is going to give him the relief that he needs and will help him to be a happier little boy. Thank you to all who prayed for him and for us. I am so thankful for all the sweet messages of love and support. We love y'all!

Mack had fun waiting and playing with Daddy. He also really enjoyed the hospital crib and hanging from the bars.

He's such a sweet little boy!

Be sure to come back tomorrow. I'm posting our French Toast recipe and you don't want to miss it! It could make a delicious Saturday morning breakfast for you!

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  1. what a praise that all went well. Hope that he does well with the tubes.


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