Sunday, July 3, 2011

Motherly Judging

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This wonderful post came from "I Can Teach My Child" blog, which is one of my favorites! Please go read the complete blog post at:

 "My mom has told me a story time and time again.  It's one that I've learned to appreciate now more than ever:

My parents were blessed with my oldest brother Brian.  He was a relatively easy baby.  As a toddler, he was very easy-going and obedient.  He had a naturally compliant disposition.  He had energy, but he could sit still if need be.  Meanwhile, another couple at their church had a son the same age named Brian as well. This Brian, however, was wild!  He had TONS of energy and ran around like he owned the place.  Everyone thought his parents had no control over him.  My mom distinctly remembers talking to my dad and saying, "Our children will NEVER act like that."  And then their second child was born...

My brother Chris loves life to the fullest.  He is so fun to be around because he has natural charisma and a great sense of humor!  As a toddler, he had LOTS and LOTS of energy.

My mom always says the moral of the story is...don't judge or else you'll be given a kid just like that!  :)

This story is easy to laugh at, but it is all-too-familiar.  I myself remember saying (prior to having children), "I will never do _____."  And even when we only had one child, I could sometime sit atop my high-horse and pass judgement.


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