Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clean Home Challenge Day #17

Today's challenge shouldn't take most of you very long. Today we're tackling our LINEN CLOSETS!
I had done mine recently, so I didn't really do much to change it.
Here's the before picture:

I Hate H.A.T.E. folding fitted sheets, so as you can tell, they're kind of crammed in there. At the bottom of the closet is some junk. And Yes, that's a training potty crammed in there too. We're in a relatively new house with very limited storage so we make it work :).

All I did was re-fold the top two sets of sheets and straighten a few things. I could work for a long time to make it picture-perfect but that's not really how it will stay because that's so-not-me.

Here's the after shots:
I have labeled baskets for pillowcases, hand towels and wash cloths. That helps me keep things in order. What about you? Will you share your before/after pics on the facebook page? Participation has been way down and I'm starting to think I'm in this thing on my own. I'd love to learn from some of you how you stay organized!

And here's one last picture of my helper...
He's cute, right?!
Love y'all!

1 comment:

  1. Hey kara, me Tracie here. Im loving the daily challenges. I did this to my linen closet too and found a trick I wanted to share, hope you dont mind. I now store my fitted sheets and top sheet inside the pillow case. Its so much easier to find my whole set and made lots more room


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