Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too Busy

If you've followed my blog for very long, you know that most of the times God smacks me on the head about something, it tends to come out of my daughter's mouth. She is only 3 years old, but speaks great truth at times.

The other night, Marcus and I dropped her off in the church nursery while we attended a Financial Peace University class. Karsyn skipped along happily into the room and seemed glad to be there.

When Marcus went to pick the kids up, their sweet teacher, Mrs. Lauri told Marcus what K had been doing.

She said at one point some of them were looking at a picture of Jesus. I'm not sure if it was a picture like this:
or just a picture of Jesus surrounded by a lot of people. From what Marcus told me, a discussion started about how Jesus was "too busy".

Karsyn apparently looked right at her teacher and said, "Jesus is NEVER too busy for us! Never!".

I asked Karsyn about this later on and she said, "Mommy, Jesus is NEVER too busy for me. He said 'let the children come!' And Mommy, he holds the whole world in His hands...but He's never too busy for me!"


This can be applied in my own life in so many ways right now.

I can think of times I am far too busy, wrapped up in myself to stop and play tea-party with Karsyn, and to zoom Mack around like an airplane when he says, "up! up!".

Times when I'm too busy to stop and spend a few minutes in prayer when I feel prompted.

Times when I'm too busy to return a phone call from a friend, or to send an email to someone that is on my heart.

Too busy.

I'm thankful that I was reminded by an innocent, sweet little 3 year old heart that Jesus is never too busy...And he's in charge of the whole world. So maybe I need to be a little less busy doing things that are so obviously unimportant and get busy doing things that tea parties, airplane games, spending time with my friends, and laughing wtih my husband.

I wish the same for each of you today.

Love y'all!


  1. Kara, this sweet babys words have echoed in my ears everyday so far since she said this. And that IS the picture. I need to carry her in my pocket so she can be my reminder everyday, lol.
    Love Ms Lauri

  2. what an amazing testimony from your sweet K! Thanks for this gracious reminder that Jesus is never to busy for us!


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