Saturday, November 26, 2011

Too Much...

Felt God telling me to share this post again. Not sure who is needing it right now, but if it's you, I hope it blesses your heart! love you.


Ever feel like you're "too much"? You know what I mean...

It's usually heard in seemingly innocent comments or from friends who are 'joking'...

Although it doesn't really seem funny when you think about it...

In fact, it hurts.

I've always heard, "Settle down. You're too excited".

"too optimistic".

"too peppy"

"too moody."


"You're too vocal about your faith" or "You aren't vocal enough!"

"You're too regimented with your kids schedules" or "You're too unplanned with your kids"

"You're too nice" or "You're too strict"

"too emotional"

"too tall"

The list goes on...

On days like that, when I feel like I'm always too much of this or too much of that, I'm reminded that God created me to be exactly this way.

To be this person.

To be full of whatever things He has planned for me to be.

To be accepted and loved by Him REGARDLESS.

Whether that be "too much" in the eyes of others, I'm learning to be okay with that.

And I hope you are too!

Love y'all!


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