Monday, September 19, 2011

Karsyn at almost 40 months old!

This past week in K's Cubbies class, they did an All About Me Activity. I wanted to blog about this so that I could look back on it years down the road. Here is K's ALL ABOUT ME!

My favorite color- Orange (I have NEVER heard her say this before!)
My favorite food- Turkey (I would have guessed gummies or popsicles or Sprite!)
My favorite song- Twinkle Twinkle (We sing is at least 5 times a day)
My favorite thing to do is- make bubbles (we don't do this often so not sure where she came up with this one)
My favorite toy is- my girls (She has a bag full of little strawberry shortcake dolls and other assorted toys from happy meals and the dollar store. She loves them! She can even tell the difference in them in the middle of the night when it's pitch black in her room and she 'loses' one of 'her girls'
When I grow up, I want to be a- Princess Jasmine (from Aladdin).

Some of my favorite things she's done this week:
-When I woke her up on Wednesday morning she wanted to snuggle. She laid there quietly for a few minutes and when I asked her what she was thinking about she said, "I'm just thinking about my Jesus".
-When given the choice between playing on the mall playground or eating Chick-fil-a, she chose to eat. She is a girl after my own heart, I'm afraid!
-She had a nightmare this past week. I went in to calm her down and she said, "Mommy, it was awful. In my dream you took my cookie and then you ATE IT!". Again, this girl is so much like me! :)
-She is starting to play independently A LOT. Thursday she was in her room for 45 minutes by herself. I finally went in to see what she was doing and she had taken every Barbie doll, every stuffed animal, and every other toy and lined them up around her on the floor. She sat in the middle of them in her rocking chair reading to them from her Story Bible. When I asked her what she was doing she said, "teaching them about that sweet, sweet Jesus, Mommy! Want me to teach you, too?!".

This girl is the delight of my heart...even when she makes me crazy! Like last night when she wanted lotion rubbed onto her feet, back, arms, tummy, and legs or when she spilled her whole glass of water on my desk. I am SO grateful that God gave her to us!


  1. WOW! That means that I met you 40 months ago! Karsyn is growing up so fast! I love reading your blog!
    Love to you!

  2. Oh I love to hear these sweet stories about K! What a sweetie!


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