Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mack at 16.5 months!

Since I updated on Karsyn earlier this week, I wanted to share about Mack as well.

He is certainly growing quickly! And a new development- he now has hair! I can actually wash it and comb it. He is definitely beginning to look more like a little boy and less like a baby.

He is talking more and more each day. This past week he's said the following words: Mommy, Dada, Sissy, Josie, Bathroom (yes, I'm serious), Waffle, ie (Chinese name for Babysitter- Mrs. Dena watches him for us and was a missionary in China and has taught him to say this word), Please, thank you, buddy, blankie, and cup. Now most people wouldn't be able to really understand these words, but since he says them while pointing to the object, we can usually decipher what he means. He gets very frustrated when we don't understand what he wants, so we're loving the new language developments!

He walks quickly or runs everywhere he goes. His favorite game lately is chase. He'll grab something that he shouldn't really be touching (like my Cell phone or the tv remote) and take off running. If I don't chase him right away, he comes back, holds the object up to make sure I see it, then runs again. He laughs and thinks it's hilarious!

He is blowing kisses a lot, and even when not asked to do so. This past week he got into trouble for pulling K's hair pretty hard and when I told him that we needed to tell her sorry, he said 'sowwy' and then started blowing her kisses!

He loves to watch TV- even more than K did at this age. I"m not sure it's healthy, but he'll sit and watch for 5-10 minutes at a time without moving. I think K was 2 years old before that ever happened!

He still uses a paci at times during the day, and definitely at naptime and bedtime. He loves to eat and will eat pretty much whatever I give him. He makes a huge mess when he eats and typically has food in his hair, arms, elbows, ears, chin, etc.

Mack loves Karsyn and watches for her constantly. He also loves Josie and likes to try to put her collar on her. His method for this is to simply walk up beside her, squat down and then drop the collar on her back. He can't ever figure out why that doesn't work! He has learned to clap and say 'yayyyy' anytime that we are excited, or if he does something good, he will clap for himself.

He has four top teeth, four bottom teeth, one molar that is completely through and two others that are bulging and ready to break through at any moment. As you may well know, molars coming in=grumpy baby. Poor guy had an awful day yesterday. I'm so grateful for Mrs. Dena and how she can calmly take care of him when he's like that!

He really loves to be with me right now, and I'm trying to soak it all up. He wants to follow me everywhere and even asks to sit in my lap when I'm doing things such as typing on the computer or using the bathroom! (tmi, sorry!). He likes all tv shows and movies, but his favorite right now seems to be Jungle Book. He laughs out loud when the bear, Baloo, is on the screen.

He loves to climb and is getting into all sorts of mischief with his need to explore. He cannot be left alone, ever, because when I return, he typically has gotten himself into some sort of dangerous situation that gives me a near heart attack!

He is a sweet, sweet boy but is WIDE OPEN. He definitely is throwing tantrums now when he doesn't get his way. Sometimes this can be over something as simple as that I cut his banana into pieces instead of giving it to him whole. This can lead to an all-out laying on the floor, kicking, and screaming fit, (him, not me!). We let him be upset and then when he's done we pick him up and start over again. Some days can be challenging, but I know that our perseverance and discipline now will pay off later. I'm not sure why Osborne babies start the terrible-twos so very early, but now that we've seen K come out on the other end, we know that Mack will too!

My favorite time with Mack is when I put him to bed or when he wakes up during the night and I go in to rock him. He is SO excited to see me and is frantic for me to pick him up. Once I do, we settle down into the glider, I cover him up with his blankie, give him his paci and his 'buddy', and all is well with the world. We snuggle and rock and sing songs. Such a sweet blessing! I am trying to remember these moments so that when the kids are grown and gone, I can still look back on them.

I'll update again in a few months. Hope y'all enjoyed! 

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  1. Love this peak into your life. They are so sweet! I am also glad that my kids are not the only ones that get so upset over a banana. lol. BTW... I am on day 3 of gluten-free. Energy levels have never been higher. God is showing me a lot about food through this and peeling back some layers...


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