Friday, November 4, 2011


Just a quick post to show you how quickly the kiddos are growing. Mack is now right at 18 months old and K is almost three and a half! Time is passing quicker each day. They are both doing great!

Mack is a W-I-L-D man and is into EVERYTHING! We call him "Mack the destroyer" because he is typically spilling stuff, ripping it, breaking it, dropping it, opening it, climbing it, or stomping it. He is becoming so affectionate and sweet- He loves to give hugs and kisses and will say "please" whenever he wants anything. His vocabulary is growing each day and we love to hear him talk and laugh. He is struggling through his 12 month molars (still!), and right now only 2 have come through. He loves to play outside and to watch Chuggington. He constantly wants to have a set of keys and a remote control in his hands. He calls the remote his 'click-click' just like Ms. Dena. He now runs after K everywhere she goes and is starting to observe more. He will comment on things being "cold" like a baby wipe when changing his diaper, or 'hot' when his food just came out of the oven. He is nearly impossible to take shopping because he's constantly squirming to get 'down, down please' so he can run wild. 

Karsyn is growing taller all of a sudden, and seems to be very much a big girl. She loves to sing and dance, especially with her Daddy. She has started to really love playing in her room (hallelujah!) with her Barbie dolls and I like to listen to her outside her door. She has such a big imagination! She is working on learning her letters and we are currently up to the letter I. She is a Cubbie in our church Awana program and learns her verses each week. She is developing more and more of a sweet spirit each week. She has less tantrums than she used to and she is a great helper around the house. She helps take care of her brother and she is a great shar-er with her toys when her friends are around. 

I am so proud of these two babies that God has entrusted to us. I am SO very grateful each and every day to get to be there Mommy! Enjoy these pictures!

Yes, he's sitting in the kitchen skillet!~

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