Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Top 10

Short and simple- my ten goals for 2012. 


Judge more.

Yell less...forgive more.

Eat less...move more. 

Worry  less...pray more. 

Business less...playing with kids more. 

Fast food giving natural foods more.

Feeling lonely less...creating  relationships more.

Stressing less...singing more. 

Nagging less...loving more!

Complaining less...praising more!

Another thing I plan to begin was an idea suggested to my husband by a co-worker. She said every year when they pack up their Christmas decorations, they each write a letter to God thanking Him for the previous year. They don't look at it again until the next year when they get out the decorations again. I think this is a GREAT idea that helps us to thank the One that gives us ALL good things, to reflect on the previous year and to help capture the times that God has brought us through. I plan to get a simple one-subject notebook that we will write our letter in year after year.

What about you? Any other great ideas for moving ahead into the new year?

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