Thursday, December 1, 2011

'The Osborne Wrecking Ball'

In the last few days, Mack has managed to:
-undecorate the bottom half of our Christmas tree at least 42 times
-Grab the poop out of his diaper in the middle of the night and smear it EVERYWHERE
-unroll the entire roll of toilet paper onto the bathroom floor
-keep me up for a large part of the night, every night
-spray carpet cleaner into his mouth
-use a permanent marker to write on the carpet
-gotten an egg out of the fridge, dropped it on the floor, and then licked it
-drop two plates and one cup- all three are now broken beyond repair
-smash two Christmas ornaments into little bitty bits
-grab a knife from the dishwasher and go running wildly at the speed of light
-used applesauce to style his own hair...twice
-thrown 192 bites of food onto my freshly mopped floor at meal times
-lose the Baby Jesus out of the nativity
-have 5, yes FIVE, teeth coming through at once
-gotten two knots on his head and smashed his finger once in his toy box
-kicked and hit his sister at least 17 times all while screaming "she hit me, she hit me!"
-stuck a french fry up his nose
-pull the entire tablecloth (and everything on top of it) off the table and onto the floor
-bust a light out of my small Christmas tree
-pull two drawers out of my jewelry box and dumped the contents all over the floor
-attempted to grab a smoking hot curling iron
-leave handprints and fingerprints all over every surface of my kitchen
-wear this Momma slap out
-completely melt my heart!

Mack is definitely our little 'destroyer' or as we also call him 'the Osborne wrecking ball'. He needs his own clean up crew and one-on-one worker I'm afraid. We spend a good part of the day battling over trying to get him to listen, to obey, to not hit, not kick, not bite, on and on and on. But I am SO very grateful to be his Momma and to get to watch him growing and learning.

If we can survive this stage, it has GOT to be downhill from here (until the teenage years!). What about you? Any tips, techniques for keeping little boys out of mischief? Unless I simply follow him around all day, every day, there's no way I can keep up with his messes!


  1. well obviuoslyhe has chatted with Samuel who seems to have taught him all his ways. I was just telling Josh that I am more tired than I have ever been. He is a constant ball of trouble and sneakiness. I wouldn't want him any other way,,,LOL

  2. Hang in there, girl! I laughed until tears were streaming reading this. It is pretty much a day in the life with Walker at that age. It WILL get better and you will look back and laugh. :) Boys are a blessing but they are also a far cry from their pretty little sisters who even at the most strong-willed don't gravitate towards messes quite so much! Ha!

  3. I love this....I remember Kyle and his brother Kris. We had two wrecking balls...and they wrecked everything..but we never had anything really expensive, so we just went with the we still don't have any thing expensive and our little boys are grown up..This season will pass and you will miss your little wrecker...

  4. oh my goodness. i think i need a nap just reading all of this. i am so so happy that you linked up and so so happy that you have written all this down to remember! xoxo.

  5. Just take lots of pictures so you will remember it all when he is a big boy. Believe me, I miss those days more than I ever thought possible at the time!

  6. Wow oh wow, you need a hug and probably more. You must be a strong woman to have the patience for such an energetic little man!! I would collapse. :)

  7. HAHA, I thought you were describing Connor and messed up the name!! I can definitely empathize since they were born the exact same day...He is IN TO EVERYTHING!


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