Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Please Pray

I have a blog world friend named Amber.
To say that she is a beautiful writer would be a HUGE understatement.
She is a fabulous, phenomenal, incredible writer.
Don't believe me, read this post.

Right now, she and her husband, Josh, are in Cleveland for open heart surgery.
As she walks with his through this difficult time, I'm asking for you to pray.
As of Sunday, these were the things she specifically asked prayer for:

1. Pray that Dr. Smedira will be the one to operate. He is the best!
2. Pray that docs have wisdom.
3. Pray for the med staff to see Jesus through us.
4. Pray that we get enough notice for our families to get here before the surgery.
5. Pray that his doctor (hcm specialist that admitted him) will see him prior to surgery. He has been out of town the last two days and i am hoping he will come through tonight or in the morning.

She thinks that Josh's surgery will take place tomorrow morning. Please be in prayer for the surgery to go PERFECTLY and for Amber and the rest of their families to have God's perfect peace that passes all understanding.

To be updated on their journey, you can visit her blog at www.amberbenge.com

Thanks, friends!

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