Saturday, April 7, 2012

House Sale Update

On March 15th, I wrote a post telling y'all that we were selling our house. I wrote, "One thing is for sure, God has it all figured out. Whether it takes 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years to sell, we know that He has a plan in place that will be for our good and His glory!"

Well...two weeks was approximately the time it took to put our house under contract. In fact, the first people who looked at it loved it. They came back a week later for a second showing, and 11 days after we had put it on the market, they told us they would be making an offer. At 14 days, we had reached an agreement and had signed all of the paperwork to put the house under contract.

Since that time we have had our home inspection, a termite inspection, a radon gas test, and are getting ready to have our appraisal. We are surprised at how quickly this has moved, but we are so thankful to see our house sell in this difficult market! I have spent the last two weeks looking at every single home in our area that is in our price range and that has all of the features that we like.

Can I just tell you how difficult this process can be when you're lugging two kids along without your husband?!?! Marcus has been busy with work and grad school so me and the kids have been looking at a lot of these places on our own. We have spent a few hours every day in the car driving around looking until finally today K said, "I don't want to see any more houses! I'm so tired of houses!". I almost feel the same way!

We have found a few houses that we love and are seeing our final one today at 5:00. We plan to make an offer on one of the houses tonight. As before, we are still praying for God's will to be abundantly clear to us in this process. We have prayed from the beginning and will continue to pray that if It's His will for us to purchase a house that He will fling the doors wide open. If it's not, then we pray that He will slam them shut.
If we don't reach an agreement on one of the homes that we like then we will rent for a while and wait for God's timing.

We are overwhelmingly grateful for how God continues to show up in big, tangible ways in our lives. I want to be able to point to Him at each step of this journey and be able to tell people what all He has done and is doing in our lives. We pray that no matter where we end up, that we will be good stewards of what we are given and that our home will serve to glorify Him and to make His name known. Thanks to all of you that have been praying for us during this process.

There's no way to know what lies ahead down the road, but we know we do not face it alone and for that we are grateful. Love y'all!

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