Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebrating 4 years with Karsyn Rose!

Our little Karsyn Rose will turn four tomorrow. It's so hard to believe that she is growing up this quickly, although it seems like she has always been a part of our lives. I hardly remember what life was like before Karsyn...what a whirlwind ride we have been on since she arrived four years ago!

Karsyn is still full of life. She is a force of nature. She often enjoys being the center of attention (not sure where she gets that from, haha!) and loves to put on 'shows' for us that demonstrate her newest tricks and dance moves. She loves being a big sister and her and Mack are really playing well together! She can recognize all letters of the alphabet and can write most of them correctly. She can write her name and can write other words if I help her to spell them out. She does not enjoy working on schoolwork very often, but she does love to do educational games on the computer and to color. She is becoming more of a snuggler as she grows older and for that, I am so grateful! She is a Daddy's girl through and through, but still tells me I'm her 'best friend' often. She has a huge heart for others and often times tries to send her favorite toys home with her friends when they come over for a visit. She can still clear a room with her loud squealing when she is upset, but she can also brighten the entire room with her smile. She has grown up so much this last year and is truly my little buddy. I enjoy taking her places like shopping or to get togethers- I never thought that would happen a few years ago!

She is still crazy in love with Princesses, but she also now likes horses as well as pretending she's a kitty cat. She has become a little bit of a picky eater, but her favorites are cheese, cookies, candy, cake pops, strawberry milk, sprite and gummies. (I try to limit these treats!)

She motivates me to be a better mom and pushes me to a closer reliance on God than I have ever had before. She humbles me with her devotion and adoration, especially when I don't deserve it. Her prayers sometimes cause me to catch my breath and to be amazed at how God speaks so clearly through her at times. Her hugs and kisses are the delight of my day and laying with her in her little bed each night is one of the sweetest moments of my day. She still can drive me to the absolute end of my rope, but she is worth every.single.second.

Karsyn Rose- The biggest responsibility of my life is in raising you and Mack. It is also my highest privilege and honor. I love you without reservation with all my heart for all my life.


  1. Happy Birthday to Ms Karsyn! I am so blessed to have been able to see her grow into a beautiful 4 year old!
    Love Misty C


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