Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

While I was busy packing our things for the beach, Marcus and the kids were outside playing. It started raining, and so the kids enjoyed some time playing in the rain together. A few minutes later, I heard them downstairs. I found them in our half bath like this:

Apparently, Mack had gotten his hands quite dirty in the mulch outside and flipped out. Have I mentioned before that he HATES to have dirty hands? K took it upon herself to bring him in and clean him up.

She walked across the kitchen floor to get a clean towel, wet it, and was frantically trying to clean him up when I found her. Such a good big sister!

Their little feet left dirty footprints all the way across the house, but I didn't mind tried not to mind. What a sweet memory this has been for me these past few days. K loves her brother, even though she may not often act like it. She was helping to serve him in love, which is what we are trying to get both of them to do each day.

Love y'all!

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