Sunday, November 11, 2012

Election 2012


The past week has been eventful. Our country had a major election and a decision was reached. I have seen ugliness from both sides and have learned more about some people that I wish I did.

But here's the bottom line...I could not control who won the election (other than my individual vote), but I can control how I react.

 I have the choice to love other people and to speak kindly (regardless of which side of an issue they stand on).

I have the choice to continue trying to make a difference each day in the lives of those around me. (even when it seems hopeless to others)

I have the choice to respond with grace when discussing topics of political disagreement. (even when my viewpoint may be unpopular and widely criticized).

I have the choice to act in a way that proves that you can stand for truth and speak it in love. (even when it's uncomfortable to do so).

And today, that is what I choose.

I posted this on Facebook the day before the election, and it still rings true today.

I do not know what tomorrow will hold, but I know who holds my tomorrow. 

To those of you that may read this blog- speak kindly. choose your words wisely. overlook faults. extend grace. forgive quickly. give people a reason for the hope that you have. (For this is the only way we will ever draw others to the One who offers true hope, true peace, and true salvation.)

Love y'all!!!

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