Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Fun 2012

We don't typically do much to celebrate Halloween. There are many parts of this holiday that we fundamentally disagree with (in its original meaning), so we don't put a lot of time or energy into decorating, planning for, or celebrating it. However, my babies L-O-V-E to dress up and so one afternoon when we were in Target and they spotted the costumes they wanted, I said yes.

Mack is obsessed with anything SPIDERMAN lately. I'm not sure when the pirate phase ended and the Spiderman phase began (or even where he learned who Spiderman was?), but he now pretends to be him all day long. For Mack, the choice to be Spiderman for Halloween was an easy one.

 We bought his costume and the beginning of October and he wore it almost every day until Halloween. In fact, on Halloween Eve I had to sew up about 6 holes that he had already torn in it!

For K, it was a bit harder. She still tends to lean towards any costume with a big fluffy skirt, pretty ruffles, or basically anything that a princess would wear. She went back and forth between Belle, Cinderella, or the new Disney princess Merita from the movie Brave. She has been a princess the past two years and so this year she decided to go with Merita because she could get the bright red wig that went with the costume.

For Halloween we met some good friends at a local Trunk or Treat and had supper there. Their pastor had a brief talk with us after supper and then the sweet folks there sugared the kids up to the max. The kids loved it and so did I! After that we went to see Grammie and Pop Pop then called it a night.

Hope each of you had a nice Halloween. I'm so glad that it's now November because my favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving.

Love y'all!

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