Thursday, February 28, 2013

K in February

I'm so behind on updating this blog! I'm trying to get caught up.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of K this past month. Hope they make you smile like they do me!

This past month K has continued her love affair with dressing up as you can see from some of these pictures. I'm afraid she may take after me and struggle a bit in the area of fashion, lol. I love that right now she thinks she looks AMAZING as long as she is wearing a dress with a fluffy skirt. She cares nothing about name brand or even if it really fits, just if it's fluffy or can twirl when she spins.

Her favorite thing to play this month (besides dress up) is Barbies and with her Polly Pocket. Lately she also really likes pretending to be a cat that fetches a ball of yarn over and over and over. Sounds strange, but I actually really enjoy it. I can sit still in one spot and throw a ball and she will spend 15 minutes retrieving. Great exercise and gives this worn out Momma a break!

She is SUCH a good big sister and often mothers her little brother. She wakes up happy in the morning but fights going to bed as hard as she can each night. She no longer naps but can play by herself during afternoon 'quiet time' which is nice. She is starting to really like to sing and we are working on her 's' sounds in speech.

I sometimes can't believe that this amazing, wonderful, kind hearted, gentle and loving little girl is mine!

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