Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mack in February (besides all the weird health stuff!)

Mack is a busy, energetic almost 3 year old.

His days are filled with pretending to be a super hero, rescuing his sister and his Mommy, jumping off the couch pretending he is a fireman, peering through his 'nocolars' (Binoculars), swinging his Jake sword yelling "yo ho ho!", shooting Spiderman webs, and begging for food and juice. He must be in a growth spurt lately because this boy can EAT!!

He has finally adjusted the his new bunk beds and for the last couple weeks since he was sick he has been sleeping all night. Thank you Jesus!!!

He is completely potty trained except for overnight and most days wakes up dry. I am NOT taking him out of his nighttime diaper anytime soon because changing sheets at 3 a.m. while half asleep ranks at about #45,980 on my list of things I like to do.

He is learning to obey and some days has a harder time than others. His mind moves at a million miles a minute and often times doesn't hear what I am saying to him at all because he is so busy thinking about other things. He is beginning to really like imaginative play and also pretending he is a puppy dog named Oscar. He follows K around and will do almost anything she asks him to do.

He is still quite the Mommy's boy, but there have been two mornings lately when he called for Daddy to get him. He gives incredible hugs and kisses and is extremely affectionate. He seems to be a little bit tender hearted around his friends and gets his feelings hurt if they may push or shove (which is often done when you're a 2 year old boy!). He is starting to really say unique and beautiful prayers and I love hearing what's on his little heart. He is a blessing and I am starting to think we just might survive the terrible twos with our sanity ;) Here are some pictures of his this past month.

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