Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Obedience Part 2

If you read my post a few days ago, I wrote about how obedience is often difficult for me, because I think I know best. I think I know what things I am good at, the areas I'm equipped to serve in, the abilities that I can use to help others...in fact, I've allowed my thoughts about these things to determine where and when I get involved in ministry. You see, I missed the whole concept that it is God who does the equipping and commissioning. It is He who created me and knows where I can be most beneficial in service to Him.

A few months ago, our church voted on and accepted a motion to begin a Contemporary Worship service. This service will take place at the same time as our regular 10:30 worship service, but will be in a different location on our campus. It will involve different music and service components, but will have our same Pastor preaching the same message- only it will be broadcast onto the screen of the building where the service will be held.

Although I was not against this service, I certainly didn't plan to attend it. You see, my preference is to be in the choir. If you've been reading my blog for long, you've probably read several posts about how much I loved being in the choir. I also prefer to hear my Pastor preaching in person, and I am comfortable attending church in the same style of worship as I always have. I am comfortable there. When I was first asked about helping with the contemporary service, I'm embarrassed to admit that my first words were "well, contemporary isn't really my thing".

But, thankfully God has been working in my life in big ways the past few months. He began whispering His truth to me through my quiet times in the morning reading His word, through the guidance of godly women who I am blessed to walk through life with, through a book called "The Hole in Our Gospel", through the singers and speakers at the "Women of Faith" Conference, even through a senior citizen that attends our church that I ran into at the voting polls back in November. You see, it doesn't matter a bit whether or not I felt like the contemporary service was "my thing" or not. If Christ is my thing, I am commanded to go where He sends me. And He began telling me that I needed to get OUT of my comfort zone, and to go help with the music for the new service.

Don't get me wrong here- I am in no way some incredibly gifted and talented vocalist that can impact a new service tremendously. I just have a true passion for music and especially for singing this music to God. I loved singing in the choir because I could sing with a group of people who enjoyed this just as much as I did, and it was fun. I made dear friends there, had a good time at practice each week, I was 'fed' through this group, and it was comfortable. Although I hated to leave my wonderful choir family, I knew without a doubt after much prayer that this was one area where I had to be obedient and follow God's leading. With great fear and sadness, I broke the news to our amazing choir leader, and received his blessing to go where God was sending me.

Going to help with the new service has been far out of my comfort zone and scary at times. I am not a big fan of being in front of people and often get incredibly nervous when singing by myself...even in practice. However, I know this is where God has called me to go and I am so very excited about what God is going to do through this new venture for our church. You see, I believe (as I wrote last week), that Christ didn't come so that we could keep living the same way that we always have...so that we could be comfortable...so that we could do what WE think we're good at. God's will for all of us is that we try to transform the world by leading the lost to Him. Can this be done through our traditional service? Absolutely, and it has happened many, many times. But can God also use the new service with non-traditional church 'stuff'? YES! And there is a great chance that people who wouldn't have come to our traditional service will be comfortable coming to our contemporary service and will be saved...and that's what it's all about!

No matter what your worship preference is, God has called us to go out and lead others to Him. And as much as I will miss being a part of a traditional choir, I can't tell you how very excited and grateful I am to be a part of this new ministry. God is going to do big things if we will all just humble ourselves and get out of the way.

What about you, friend? Where is God calling you to go or to serve that you are afraid to go? Are you staying where you are currently because it's comfortable and easy? Maybe God started speaking to you long ago about an area of ministry He is calling you into and you keep putting it off. Listen to me here. Time is short and we are only promised today. We all need to be willing to go wherever He may send us. Trust that He is enough and that you can do ALL things through Him.

In case you're curious, here are a few pictures from our band practice last week.

Love to you all~!


  1. Awesome blog! I struggle with the same battle of stepping outside my comfort zone to do what I feel God is telling me is my calling. Thanks for inspiring me to look past how it will make ME feel and look at the bigger picture of obeying and being used in ways that I am unable to see.


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