Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow days

What is it about being snowed in that makes me want to do nothing? I think we all feel that way on the first or even second snow day, but here I am at the beginning of the fourth one in a row and I am still motivated to do NOTHING. In fact, I've either worn pajamas or sweat pants 24/7 since Sunday. I haven't fixed my hair one time and I've eaten hardly anything unless it was full of sugar, butter, and fat. All the while, reading my healthy eating books! Ha!

I have had productive moments where I have cleaned and organized areas of my house like the linen closet, the laundry room, the medicine cabinet, my closet, and the hall closet. But still, here I find myself again at the beginning of a long day with two kids that are quite stir crazy and I can't get myself motivated to get up and get going. When my alarm goes off in the morning I have completely ignored my 'morning routine' and I just lay there watching the news until one or both kids start crying for me. After I get them up and dressed (meanwhile I'm still in my pajamas for hours), I sit and stare blankly at facebook, or piddle around the kitchen, wishing it wasn't so cold outside and that the kids preschool wasn't closed...again.

Today we are going to get out of this house. I think my mental health will be improved once we aren't stuck inside watching the same episodes of Dora over and over again. I am grateful that we are warm, that we've had some time to slow down and enjoy being together, but I am now ready to get moving. What about each of you? How do you keep yourself from turning into a complete slug when you're snowed in?

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  1. we are soooo much alike it is crazy... must schedule a playdate or dinner date sometime!! btw... i am writing this while wearing PJ's!


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