Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One of those days....

Ever just have one of those days where you are D-O-N-E? Today has been that sort of day.

Things started off great. I got up by 5:20, went and met a friend for a short run, headed home and showered, got dressed, and had my quiet time all before the kids got up. Things went smoothly until around 9:15 when Karsyn began asking for her 17th "snack" of the morning and refused to give me one minute to myself to do ANYTHING. Her room time lasted about 7 seconds and she wasn't content even with her favorite tv show or movie. I tried anything and everything to keep her 'busy'. To be honest, I didn't WANT to sit and play with her. Isn't that terrible?! I have been so focused on getting my house in order and keeping to my organization plans, that I didn't feel like taking the time to spend with her. The rest of the day continued along those same lines...her following me around  whining and then me trying to convince her to 'go play', or to 'watch one of her shows'.

I got more and more short tempered as the day went on. I could even recognize that this is what I was doing, yet I didn't ever get quite back to normal.

We made it through the day and she is now in her bed. Looking back I know that what I should have done is to stop working around the house and to focus on her. To stop trying to build an organizational system and to start working on building my little disciple. To realize that it doesn't matter one bit if my tupperware drawer is neat and organized if it means I'm ignoring my child to do it.

I'm grateful that when I go to my Heavenly Father, He's never too busy, He never neglects me to do something more "important". He hears me and answers, even when I've been ignoring HIM all day. I'm praying for the grace that I know He gives and for patience for tomorrow. The days seem  long but I know the years are not...  I believe that His mercies are new every morning and so tomorrow I will begin again, resting in His promises and trying to model them for my children.

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