Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Uniquely You

We are a little under the weather today, so I don't feel much like blogging. Here is another one of the daily devotions from Dr. David Jeremiah that my Mom sent me. It's a good one that you'll want to read!

Uniquely You
Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them.Romans 12:6a
Recommended Reading
Romans 12:3-8
When we think of uniqueness, we often think of snowflakes--the classic example of "no two being alike." But there are other worthy examples: Forensic science developed around the uniqueness of human fingerprints--no two being alike. And now the retina of the human eye is being used as a means of identification and security clearance because, you guessed it--no two are alike.
Those unique traits of humans speak to the larger uniqueness factor that every human being possesses: There has never been a person in history with the same combination of appearance, personality, natural talents, and spiritual gifts as you! And there never will be. That should be the basis for the positive self-esteem of every person in the world--and especially every Christian, once spiritual gifts are added to the mix. If you are a follower of Christ, no one in the world is qualified to take your place in the kingdom of God. Every Christian's prayer should be, "Lord, guide me into fulfilling the calling for which You created and gifted me."
Uniqueness is not a human boast, but a boast in the creativity and generosity of God. Ask Him today to use you to be a blessing to others that is unique to only you.
Take note of what God gives you, then you will also know the task He sets before you.Emil Brunner

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