Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Video of K telling about her day

Here is Karsyn filling in Daddy on how her day was.
In case you have trouble deciphering her 2 year-old speech, she says that her day was "Very busy" and that at church she built "a big tower". Then she lists her friends and mentions Cody, Mollie, Luci, and Mackenzie.  At one point she must have realized that Luci wasn't there and she asks "Where's Luci?".

We're trying to do a better job of filming moments like these because they are passing so quickly. I know there will be a day when we will ask her how her day was and she might just respond "Fine". I'm so thankful that she chooses to share her heart with us right now and hope that she will always do so. Karsyn Rose- we are so very proud of you and we love the sweet spirit God has given you!


  1. She has the sweetest little voice! I love how excited she was to share about her day! Precious!


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