Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Marriage Prayer

About six months ago, one of the morning shows on 106.9 (WMIT) focused on a book called The Marriage Prayer. They were giving away free copies and so I called to have mine sent. Although I ended up passing the book along to a friend shortly after I got it, I did keep the prayer cards that came with the book. They contain a short prayer that the wife is to pray for her husband and that the husband is to pray for his wife. We posted these in our bathroom and it's a great way to start off each day and to end each night.

If you are like me (at least a couple of you maybe?), there are days that despite our best intentions, we don't always love our spouse like we should. Busy schedules, stress, crying babies, deadlines at work, home improvement problems, and many other things seem to creep in and chip away at my patience and my attitude at times. This prayer is a good reminder to me to refocus and to put my heart back where it should be.

Here is the husbands prayer:

The wife's prayer:

Here's where we have Marcus' posted:

And where mine is posted: (ignore the messy bathroom!)

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