Monday, March 14, 2011

Mack's New Skill

Mack has a new skill-
 He LOVES to stand in his crib! As soon as I lay him down, get his paci in his mouth, hand him "buddy", cover him with his blanket, and turn around to switch off his lamp, he's standing, laughing, and holding on to the crib. I pick him up, lay him down and start the process all over. Guess what happens? Right. Exactly the same thing. Over and over. Finally, I just kiss his little bald head while he's standing, flip off the light, and leave him in there. He doesn't make a peep, just lays down and goes to sleep. It seems that once his 'audience' is gone, the fun of his new trick is gone.

His other new favorite is blowing rasberries. In the car, he has learned that if he makes that noise, Karsyn will do them back to him. They spend the majority of our car rides now communicating through these noises. It is hilarious. If I wasn't driving, I'd try to catch a video of it to share with you. Absolutely priceless.

Mack is quite the fussy pants lately if I leave him at church nursery or anywhere for that matter. He wants to be held. I'm hoping it is related to teething and will pass, but even if it's not, I'm trying to enjoy all these moments where he simply wants me to hold him close. These days are fleeting!

Love to you all. Here are some pictures I shot tonight of Mack's new skill with my phone (sorry for the quality!)

See how happy he is? He's so proud of himself!

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  1. so sweet! Congrats to Mack and his new trick :)


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