Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I posted a picture on my facebook account of two shadowboxes that I recently made. I've gotten so many questions and comments about these that I decided to just post on here about how they were made.

I have been planning to make these for a long while, but was waiting until I could find a really good price on the shadowbox frames. Two weeks ago Michael's craft store ran a special on all shadowbox frames for 50% off. I then paired a 20% off coupon with each item and ended up with a GREAT deal (less than $10 each).

I selected a favorite outfit for each child, as well as the first pair of shoes that they really wore often and their newborn cap. I also got their hospital bracelet out and cut it so that it would fit well into the box.

I bought a box of pins that were about 1.5" long and have a rounded decorative tip. To actually frame the items I just ironed them, arranged them how I wanted the items to look, and then pinned them down. That's it! Simple and easy.

The outfits that we picked were the ones that their newborn pictures were made in.

We now have these frames hung in our living room and I think they look great! Not only are they cute, but they will be a reminder for many years to come of our sweet, precious babies and how little they once were.

What about you- what craft projects have you been working on lately?


  1. I love it! It's funny, as I just did this recently. I actually ended up using a sweater and her babycap, and because of the thickness, didn't need to secure it inside the shadowbox. Instead, I put a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper in the background. It came out so sweet! (stopping by through "I Can Teach" by the way).

  2. Precious! This would be a great idea for outfits worn home from the hospital.


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