Sunday, July 31, 2011

30th Birthday trip. Day #1!

NYC Day #1

For my 30th birthday, my wonderfully amazing husband took me on a trip to one of my favorite places, New York City! I love the fast pace of NY- the bright lights, the attractions, the people hurrying here and there, the food, the shopping (and by that I mean the cheap, street vendor shopping!), the romance of the city…all of it! I thought it would be nice to remember my trip by posting about all that we did for the next few days. It was by far one of the best times of my life. Such an amazing trip!

We left for our trip on Tuesday morning bright and early.

Marcus driving to the airport

 My mom (thanks, Mom!) came over to our house at 6 a.m. to watch our kids until Marcus’ parents showed up to take the kids to their home in the Mountains (thank you Granddad and Nana!). We had everything packed and were ready to go! We drove to the airport and actually made it through security without any problems. The airport was crazy crowded, but we had a good time waiting. Marcus even got me a pedicure at a spa in the airport. Here’s a picture of me in front of the spa.

Our flight was pretty uneventful and went by quickly. We arrived in the city

and we made our way straight to the taxi stand. We hailed our first taxi, hopped in and were surprised that they have televisions in the back of every taxi!

It has clips from the news, the weather, a map of where you’re traveling, the current charges, commercials for Broadway shows, and other information.
We arrived at our hotel, the Intercontinental Times Square, and checked into our room. Here are a few pictures of our room.

After dropping off our bags we went to grab some lunch at a diner across from our hotel. 

After lunch we made our first Starbucks run of many and then did a little sightseeing. We went back to our room to change and get ready for dinner which was at a local Italian restaurant. After that we walked down to the pier and boarded for a 2 hour Harbor Lights Cruise.
Waiting in line to redeem our tickets. Have I mentioned yet that you wait in line EVERYWHERE you go there?

On this cruise we sat on the lower level (definitely the best spot in my opinion instead of in the middle of all the crowds up top!), and were able to get some fabulous photographs of NYC as well as learn a lot about what we were seeing from the tour information. Towards the end of our cruise a big storm came up so it made for some really great photographs! 

Once we docked it began raining, but by the time we had gotten off of the boat the rain slowed down to a slow drizzle.
We left the boat and walked to Times Square. We happened to get there around 10:00 when all the Broadway shows had just dismissed. What a crazy mess of people! We were hungry again (we Osbornes love to eat!) so we went and found a place called the Galaxy Diner. We stayed up late eating and then talking and enjoying being kid-free for the evening.
It was a GREAT first day in NYC and I can’t wait to tell you about Day 2 tomorrow!


  1. How fun! And your pictures from the cruise were amazing! So glad that you did this!

  2. Hey Kara,

    Your trip looks like it was amazing. I'll have to remember that hotel. The rooms look really big. Mom and my sisters have been trying to plan a trip for a few years. Happy birthday again.



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