Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clean Home Challenge Day #4

Hello again, friends! Today we are tackling an area we are all familiar with...THE PANTRY!!!

Maybe you are good about regularly looking through yours and discarding old food, maybe not so much. Today is the day that can change!
Here's my "BEFORE" shot:

Here is my "AFTER" pic:

I also added some shelving at the top of the pantry, which works well for us because we are both tall and we have really high ceilings. Here's a shot of all the space we gained with a few shelves!

I made a quick list for my pantry inventory so I can keep track of when I need to pick up more of an item:

I keep a small stockpile of items I get for very cheap or free in our garage. We live in a newer home but it has very little storage. My sweet husband built me a few shelves in the garage and this is where I keep any stockpile items that I don't want to keep inside. I went ahead and organized it too.

Here's the "BEFORE"

And the "AFTER"

I keep a Stockpile Inventory sheet on the inside of  my pantry door so I can keep an eye on what items are getting low.

This system works well for us. What about you? Post your comments and pictures over on the Road Home Facebook page!

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