Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30th Birthday trip. Day #3 NYC

We woke determined to make our last full day in NYC full of lots of good things. (Although I did sleep until 8:30 a.m.- I haven't done that in years!)

We headed out and ate breakfast at a local cafe and had bacon, egg, and cheese, bagels, coffee, and pumpkin bread. From there we walked down to Central Park. It became quite obvious that the park was really big and we weren't going to be able to walk all of it in the amount of time that we had and the 90+ degree temps. We hired a pedi-cab and it was worth every penny! Note for any of you that plan to go- do NOT pay the price they first ask for. Bargain with them and don't give up- there are so many of these pedicabs that they're willing to drop the price significantly. We got our driver to drop the price $50 for a short ride!

Here are some pictures from our time in Central Park:

I felt sorry for our driver. It was so hot and i know we were heavy after all we had been eating!

Where's Marcus?!

These people were performing "Amazing Grace" when we walked up. It was the most beautiful arrangement of it I have ever heard. The acoustics were great there, and they were super talented!

We stopped for ice cream and water!

From there we went to walk through the Plaza hotel that I am a little completely obsessed with.

My favorite Christmas movie is Eloise  at Christmastime which was filmed at the Plaza. See the Eloise flag??

They even had an Eloise store!

Next we went to lunch at Carnegie Deli. The sandwiches really are as big as everyone says they are, and expensive too! They sat us at a table with another family of 4 plus a businessman eating alone. It was strange to be piled up so close to people you don't know, but they were all from the south and very nice. Marcus and I split the Chicken Salad Sandwich and ordered fries and potato salad with it, and water to drink. Our bill was $40.00! It was good and I'm glad we went but to me that seems a little high for a sandwich!

After that we went by Dylan's Candy Bar to get a treat for our kids, and then toured the Nike Store.

and then we got on the Subway and rode all the way to Chinatown to purchase some sunglasses and t-shirts.
This is another place you need to bargain. Don't be afraid to walk out if they don't meet your price!

After covering so much of the city in one day, we were exhausted! We went back on the Subway to our hotel and rested for a short while. That night we ate at a local Pizza place, spent some time in Times Square,

Marcus got some Chicken on A Stick
and then we finished the night with cheesecake in Times Square.

We were so tired from all that we had done and seen over the three days we had been in the city and sad to see our trip come to an end.

The next day we traveled home, but not before Marcus got a New York style hotdog in the airport at 9 a.m.!

We were so glad to see our kids when we got home that it made leaving New York much easier. I still want to go back again and get to stay for longer next time. It is an amazing city and full of interesting people and things to see. I am glad I live in the South, but I wouldn't mind vacationing there more often! :)

Thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law Dorothy and father-in-law Mike for keeping our out-of-control slightly rambunctious kids for us! It is not an easy task to have two Osborne babies for almost four days, especially when they're away from home and cranky. We can't thank the two of you enough!

Thanks to my Mom and Dad for keeping Josie. And thanks to any of you that bought items that I have been selling over the past 6 months. Every bit of the money I earned selling stuff went towards this trip as did every other dollar we could save other places. It was totally worth it! I'd rather spend my money on experiences than on 'stuff' anyday!

Love y'all!

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  1. How fun Kara! We went to Central Park on our trip to NYC a couple years ago and were amazed at the size too! Loved your recap:)


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