Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clean Home Challenge Day #15

Today we tackle an area of our bedrooms that is often overlooked...our nightstands! Mine is a catch-all for all sorts of things and can pile up quickly!
Here's a before shot:

The first thing I did was tackle all the items on the nightstand that didn't need to be there. It didn't take long and ended up looking like this:

Next, I wanted to deal with all of my reading materials. I like to read, a lot, so I always have a big pile of books and magazines that I'm working on. I used to stuff them into a drawer and then into a box beside the bed. Here's a picture of them:

I decided to take all of them out of the drawer and the box and to sort them so I could see what I actually had. These were all the magazines, books, and notebooks I had out:

I was able to toss a lot of the magazines into the recycling bin. I mean, cmon, am I really going to need to look at fitness magazines from 8 months ago? Probably need to, but I am not going to have time.

Once I got rid of some of them, I used these awesome storage boxes I got from Target to organize the books beside my bed.
They're nice, right? Target $1.00 each! I bought 10. I went back for more but they were sold out. SUCH a good deal!
Then I organized the other drawer and it ended up looking like this:
This drawer now holds some of my coupon inserts, notepads, etc.

What about you? Let's see your nightstand before and after pictures!

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