Saturday, August 13, 2011

Surprise Party!

A few weeks back, our dear friends, David and Carrie, threw me a surprise 30th birthday party! Talk about a shock! I thought we were just going over to their house for dinner and to let the kids play, but when I walked downstairs about 50 of our favorite people in the world were there waiting to surprise me.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude at these amazing people in my life...that they cared enough to come to a party for me...and that I get to be their friends. I. AM. BLESSED!

Here are some pictures from that night. Definitely one of my all-time favorite nights ever!

Hiding before I came in!

Carrie, the hostess!

I love this picture of Carrie sliding!

Before I came in

Had just walked in and saw everyone.

Asking Marcus how in the world he surprised me!

Not a pretty face here, but such a beautiful moment in my life!

Hugs from everyone

Asking Carrie how in the world she kept it a secret, too!

My sweet Mrs. Dena!



Totally crying as they sang Happy Birthday

I'll turn 30 ANYTIME if it means I get to have friends like these!

Bridget! (and my sister Kaley in the background)
My favorite teens ever!

the boys!

Jenna and Tina, Samuel and Tammy (maybe?)

I love this picture of Bridget!


David, Josh, Rachel, Peter

Devin, Josh, Tim, Melissa, Lexi, Katelyn, and Julie

David, Cris, Dena, and K

Kara and Kara- soul sisters!

Julie and James

My sister, Kaley, and Christy- friends since childhood!

Katelyn, Karsyn, and Mollie!~

Gracie took care of Mack outside for us!

Carrie's telling the kids to watch how it's done before she went down the slip 'n slide

This was so much fun but boy was I sore the next day!

Bridget and Moxon

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