Monday, October 17, 2011

The Tongue

Dr. Yount preached today on the power of the tongue. He preached from Proverbs 12 and reinforced things that I have heard many times. I literally cringe when I think about things I have shared before. Things I have told that weren't true, things that I had no business telling, words that were hurtful, words that were unkind... I was convicted. Again. God has been dealing with me directly in this area of my life, but today it was reinforced. I am inspired to do better. I am committed to doing better. I do not choose to let the power my words hold to cause hurt or cause conflict. I want my words to be full of grace and peace. One of my friends on facebook, Leona, posted this picture to her profile page. I think it sums up for me a great set of guidelines I need to think through before I decide to share something. I have printed it out and have a copy on my kitchen cabinet. I thought it maybe could help one of you, too! Love y'all!

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  1. beautiful and honest post. thank you for linking up!


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