Thursday, January 12, 2012


Mack went for his first haircut today and K went along for her first cut that was more than a trim. We have been fighting hair-magedon lately here at the old Osborne homestead and it was time to lose some of that length! Trying to rake out massive tangles which wrestling K to the ground is NOT my idea of a good way to start each day!

We talked it up big and went over the rules about twelve times before we went in. Misty was fabulous as always, and K loved getting hers done! Karsyn sat in the chair without moving or even complaining when Misty brushed it, which is a miracle in itself! She was so quiet and polite! I was very proud of her. After Misty got done cutting it, she curled it up and K really loved that!

Next came Mack- as soon as we put him in the chair, he wanted down. I finally sat down and put him in my lap and before Misty even started clipping he started exclaiming "ouch! ouch!". I popped a sucker in his mouth as quick as I could get the wrapper off of it. Next he went to work trying to wrestle his way out of the cape that was over him so we eventually ripped it off and let him just get hair everywhere. I'm afraid he never did setlle down enough to really get much of his hair trimmed, but she did get to trim the long pieces over his ear as well as a straight line across the back.

K was SO proud of her hair that she wanted to go by and show her Daddy at work. When we got home I snapped a few pictures to share with y'all. I meant to take some while at the salon, but I'm afraid I forgot in all the confusion of chasing Mack through the place and trying to keep him from switching into 'destroyer' mode.

Can't believe how quickly these kids are growing up! Hope y'all enjoy the pictures!

That huge bruise/dent on her head is from when she tried to run full speed under a table at a bridal shower last week and realized after slamming into it that she was a few inches too tall :)

I could only get Mack to stand still for one picture...and he happens to have peanut butter and jelly still all over his face. Focus on the cuteness and not the mess ;)

Love y'all!

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