Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Pop there?"

Just a quick picture of Mack today.
 I kept hearing him say, "Pop there? You there? It's Mack" this afternoon while he was playing in K's room. I went in and found him like this:

 Apparently he decided that his one phone wasn't working, so he picked up another.

He tried using both at once to see if Pop Pop might be on the other phone instead. (Neither of these were real phones- one was a tv remote and the other was a weather station sensor). Finally, he gave up and we called him on the real phone. After we hung up, Mack picked up his "phones" one more time. He said, "pop pop, i too tired to talk. ok. bye".

This boy sure does love his Pop Pop!

Hope each of you have a great week. love y'all!

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