Wednesday, April 25, 2012

House Update

Yesterday we had the home inspection completed for the house we are purchasing. We were nervous since it's thirty years old that there would be a lot of issues that needed to be fixed. We were pleasantly surprised when the inspector said it's in almost perfect condition! He noted a few minor things such as a drip that leaks from the faucet at times and a loose electrical outlet. But for the most part, it's been taken very good care of. This was a relief and a blessing! Marcus and I aren't known for being very 'handy' when it comes to repair projects, so it's nice to know we aren't walking into a list of things that already need to be fixed. I snapped about one hundred pictures while I was there so that I can start dreaming about how we will set up things in our new home. Here are a few in case you're interested!

If you can't tell, we are wayyyy excited about moving into our new place. We are so grateful for the blessing that God is giving us and want to use this home to serve others and most of all, to serve Him. We have saved for a while to be able to move into a bigger place, and although it is scary taking on a larger mortgage, we are looking forward to making new memories in this home as a family and with our friends.

If anyone has a strong back and a willingness to move boxes, let us know, lol! We have about a month left until the big moving day. I am counting down the days  hours     minutes!

Love y'all!

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