Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prom 2012

Between the proms that I attended as a student and the proms that I have had to attend as a chaperone, I have been to 8. I have gone with friends, with boyfriends, with my husband, and this year, I went with my daughter.

I have fun with Marcus and our proms together were great. But can I tell you the truth, prom with my little girl was the best one yet!

We made it a special evening together...A mommy-Karsyn date as she likes to call it.

First, we got dressed up in her finest 'princess' gown and I let her wear a little make-up. We did a mini-photo shoot and played in the yard for a little while.

This was supposed to be one of those cool jump in the air pictures.

After our photo shoot we went to the Dollar Store to pick up a new crown, and then to dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. I let K have her own plate of rice and 'sauce' (Shrimp sauce) and she got to add as much sauce as she wanted to. She also got a cup of Sprite with a lid and straw which thrilled her little soul!

After dinner we headed to the Prom and I was worried that K was going to be overwhelmed. Umm...not so much. As soon as we entered, she headed straight for the empty dance floor and spent the next 30-40 minutes out there! Most of the time she was the only person dancing but she was loving it! Eventually, another faculty member showed up with his little girl so K and her danced together. My favorite part were when the DJ would play the slow songs and K would ask me to dance with her. I'd scoop her up and hold her and twirl along the dance floor. She would lay her head on my shoulder and at one point even said, "I love being at the ball with you, Mommy".

Prom 2012 was one of my favorite nights with Karsyn, ever.

I know she won't remember it when she is grown, but I will never forget it. We laughed, danced, played, and celebrated together. I just love that girl!


  1. Oh what a precious night! You both look beautiful!

  2. LOVE IT! And yes, I think she will remember it!! I have memories from before 4 years old even, and after all - those were some great memories you made with her that night! :-) Very sweet!

  3. for some reason, I am just seeing this post! So sweet!!! Love that Karsyn Rose and you too!!!


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