Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mack...two years in the making!

Mack turned two today.

On one hand it seems like it is impossible that he is already two years old.
On the other, it seems like he has always been a part of our lives.
When he arrived, our world was turned upside down.
He completed our family and makes each day better with his sweet smile and kisses.
So that I can remember this later on, here are some of Mack's favorite things:
-anything to do with Pirates
-'snacks' which he asks for at least 42 times a day
-brushing his teeth
-keys- they have to be real keys and not play keys or he won't touch them
-his sword
-his Big Sister "Kaaasyn"
-His blankie and his Buddy (but he always prefers the Buddy with two ears over the one eared Buddy)
-Snuggling on the couch to watch 'my show'

He is a funny, funny kid and makes us laugh each day. He is currently in the stage where if I tell him 'no' at times he will fall down in the floor kicking and screaming. When we don't respond, he will stop, look up to make sure we are paying attention, and then start crying again. He is a dramatic kid. Wonder where he gets that from? Haha. Any of you that know me know the answer to that question!
-He doesn't like bugs at all and if he sees one he runs away screaming. (We are going to have to work on that!)
-He sleeps all night from around 7:30 til about 7:30 or 8:00 each day.
-We aren't really working on potty training at all yet, but when he stays with Ms. Dena he will poop in the potty for her.
-He loves to run but isn't very coordinated at it yet. He almost always has a scraped knee and elbow and often has a bump or bruise on his head.
-He tells me that he is a pirate at least 30 times a day. If we are riding in the car and I tell him to 'hold on tight' he yells back, "I'm a pirate, argggg!". If we are running and playing chase, he yells while running, "I'm a pirate Mommy, arrgggg!". He uses his sword almost all the time and will run straight at me saying "Fight you, fight you!". He is ALL BOY- except when it comes to bugs, lol!
-Whatever he sees Karsyn do, he wants to do. If she is yelling and acting ugly, so is he! If she is saying 'yes, maam' then Mack does too. 

I am so blessed that God gave me this little person to raise. He is strong willed and difficult at times, but we pray every day that God will be able to use him to do great big things for His kingdom. Although he wears me slap.dab.out, I wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone else! Love you, Mack!

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