Saturday, December 15, 2012

Don't just preach it...


Yesterday was terrible.

The unthinkable happened. It seems our world is getting darker and scarier and that evil Is all around. At different points yesterday I had grown men, women, and teenagers in my office in tears. They’d ask questions like “Why do things like this happen?” and say statements such as “there is just too much darkness in this world to bear”. And I wept.

I shut my office door and wept. For the Mommas now having to bury their babies, for the teachers who selflessly gave their lives, for the children that survived and will be haunted for all their lives by what they’ve seen. And mainly for those that have to face situations such as this one without hope. Without His peace.

What happened yesterday did not take God by surprise. He did not cause it to happen, evil did. Those that chose hate over love, that chose to pursue their own omnipotence instead of God’s.

The bottom line is this…I don’t have to preach to you what I believe, I simply have to live it. I am heart broken by the horrible act that was committed yesterday, but I still have hope. No matter what happens today, or tomorrow or the days ahead, I can rest in hope. My God is still on His throne. And when this whole evil world is no more, it will all make sense. Until then, I can live differently than those that are having to walk through this situation and others like it completely lost and afraid.

Our world doesn’t need more gun control, early mental illness screening, or tighter security measures (although all these things would help!). What our world needs is more Jesus. And more people who choose to live their lives as living testimonies of the difference He can make in our lives. It’s time we don’t just preach it but that we live it. In this awful dark world, He is the light and should be shining in each of us. My friend was right, there is too much darkness in the world to bear. That’s why Christ came. He is the only hope for this old world.

Today, I will choose to live it and not just preach it. I will face each day with hope and waiting in expectation of the day we get to leave this old world behind. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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  1. Thank you! I found you through my friend Tiff. Wise words, encouraging words that soothe this mama's soul. Thank you. Live it. Just live it. Blessings, Amelia


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