Friday, February 1, 2013

Jan. 2013

Hard to believe it's been an entire month of 2013 already. The days are flying by.

A brief update on happenings here at the Osborne household...

Mack is potty trained! Well, we are 95% there. As long as I put him in his 'big boy' underwear, he has no problem. The second I put a diaper or pull-up on him for school or for bedtime...another story. And then there's that time last night that he threw a fit because I wouldn't carry him like a baby up the stairs so he looked right at me, squatted down and peed on the floor. Yes, I'm serious.

K is growing and learning new things each day. Her favorite pastime lately is drawing, coloring, using scissors and glue sticks...anything to make a mess and to create her 'artwork'. I love her pictures that she does of our family and how proud she is of each creation she makes. Although the drawings that I found on the back of the bathroom door, on our bathroom cabinets, and even on my leather seats in the van...not so great.

God's been speaking through my kids quite a bit this month. I daily have to ask for their forgiveness, but we are learning more about each other and God's grace through this daily journey called parenting.

Yesterday, we were loading into the car on an extremely cold, windy day. The lady in the parking lot beside us said, 'well, where in the world did this wind come from?' K stepped out of the car, turned in the lady's direction and yelled out, "GOD, of course!". She is bold and isn't afraid to share what she thinks with anyone. I pray this continues as she grows older and faces peer pressure!

Both K and Mack also demonstrate to me frequently how loving and accepting kids are (most of the time). When we go anywhere if they see another child around, they want to strike up a conversation and sometimes start playing. We were in line at Walmart and K saw a girl around her age. Before I knew what she was doing she asked the girl if she wanted to play chase and off they went running around the checkout lane.

K's had a few hard days at preschool this month where the other girls didn't want to play with her or told her that 'she wasn't in their club' that day. I hate to see her little heart so broken on those days, but she forgives and forgets quickly and by the next time at school, all is well again.

K has also noticed that there is a physical difference between girls and boys and has really been asking some interesting questions. One night I laughed so hard after one particularly pointed question that both K and I ended up laughing til we cried. If I ever see you face to face and you want a good laugh, just ask me about her questions about Mack's bottom versus hers.

The kids favorite game is still 'wrestle' with Daddy and they look forward to the nights that I'm at band practice so they can have 'wrestle mania' night with Marcus. It basically involves a lot of running, screaming, throwing pillows, growling and rolling around on the floor together. They love every second.

Marcus is busy with work and grad school and I've been keeping myself busy this month trying to overhaul our lifestyle and to make it more healthy. It's been a journey, but it's paying off, so that is exciting. I've attempted many new Pinterest recipes, with a few successes and a few utter failures. Can we say burnt, slug-like oven dried strawberries? yuck!!

Mack had another milestone this month...has moved from his crib to a toddler bed and then to a bunk bed. He sleeps on the bottom bunk and loves his new 'big boy' room. I'll try to post some pictures of his new room soon. For now, here are a few from this month.

Superman showing his muscles!

Cinderella helping me bake

Hot Chocolate time!

I hope that whoever is reading this had a wonderful January and I'd love to hear from you sometime! Until next y'all!

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  1. Still a beautiful family. Miss and love you, dear one.


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