Thursday, March 14, 2013

8th Anniversary Trip

This year it was Marcus' turn to plan our Anniversary. We had planned to just stay home for the evening and let my parents keep the kids for us. We only had from mid-day Saturday until Mid-day Sunday, so we thought it would be nice to just enjoy dinner and a movie out, and a morning to sleep in while the kids were away.

However, Marcus made other plans for us that turned out to be GREAT.

Through a connection at work, he got us an AMAZING place to stay in Charlotte for FREE. It was called The Residence at Southpark and is a luxury apartment building right at Southpark mall. Here are some pictures:

We tried to take our picture, too, but didn't have much luck:

We arrived, got settled into our room then had lunch at the Cowfish Grill (pictured above). This was directly below our apartment. They served delicious half pound burgers, sushi, and the best fried pickles you have ever had.

After that we walked around the mall for a bit, had some coffee, took a nap and rested. That evening we had dinner at a place called Rooster's. It was delicious and it was a nice experience, but I just don't think we are fancy enough to eat at places like that often. We stayed up late that evening enjoying our time together and then got to sleep through the night without any kids waking up asking for us, and even got to sleep in. We had a nice breakfast in the room and then headed home.

We had such a nice time and were grateful for the chance to get away. Life can be so stressful at times, and we can get so busy about the business of life that sometimes I think we forget what it's like to just be us as a couple instead of us as Mom and Dad. It was wonderful to reconnect, renew and refresh our commitment and joy in each other. Thank you to my parents for keeping both kids and the dog for us. We appreciate you so very much!

As much fun as we had, I was glad to come home to our family, friends, and house. It was nice being in the city for an evening, but I am definitely a small town girl at heart.

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